Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Cancellation

Membership cancellation fee will be waived if Membership is cancelled within 3 days of signing up only if no service and/or products have been used or purchased with the membership. If a service was received and/or products purchased with the Membership discounts within 3 days then the member will be charged the full price of the services and/or products received.

A cancellation fee of $150 (for Gold 12 month membership), and $250 (for Platinum/Diamond 12-month membership) will be due if membership is cancelled for any reason after the 3 days and before the end term of the membership.

You may cancel your VIP Membership and have the cancellation fee waived only in the event of a medical reason that prevents you from redeeming the services provided under this membership. Cancellation fee may also be waived in the event that you permanently relocate your residence (this DOES NOT include the intent to relocate) since joining the VIP Membership such that neither your residence nor place of employment are within a 30-mile radius away from Trilogy Medical Center. 

All cancellation requests MUST be accompanied by written proof of relocation (e.g., Mortgage or Rental Agreement, utility bill, car insurance) or a letter from a medical doctor stating the reason. All cancellations require 30 days written notice and are effective after the date received. Upon arrival of your written request for VIP Membership cancellation during the initial VIP Membership term, you will be relieved from making any future VIP Membership payments. Payments due prior to the effective date will be charged as scheduled.

All refunds will be for the months for VIP Memberships remaining after the effective annual date of cancellation. Upon termination or cancellation of your VIP Membership, all unredeemed VIP Membership services will expire.