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Tired of crash-dieting and fighting those persistent cravings? Trilogy’s Semaglutide Weight-Loss Program may be your solution to a healthier you and give you the confidence-boost you deserve! Semaglutide is a medical weight-loss injection that mimics glucagon-li-e peptide-1 (GLP-1), a hormone that our body produces after we eat. The GLP-1 hormone targets the areas of our brain tied to regulating our appetite and food intake. By mimicking GLP-1, the semaglutide helps slow down the movement of food through our digestive system. This results in a decreased appetite, which helps us control our weight by making us feel fuller and less hungry. As a result, we can better control our cravings and urges to overeat.

The $200 Payment Covers The Required Program Consultation Not The Program Itself | *Restrictions May Apply